Pennsylvania and FDA against Artificial Tanning for Minors

FBC an Approved Professional Commissioning Provider for Massachusetts
November 25, 2014

A form of identification with a proof of age will now be needed when entering a tanning salon in the state of Pennsylvania. On May 6, Governor, Tom Corbett, signed a law that will prohibit teenagers ages 16 and under from using indoor tanning facilities. However, a 17-year-old must have parental permission and a signed form of all the risk factors from tanning before using an artificial tanning bed.

This legislation in Pennsylvania was in a large part due to a unified effort from the Consortium of Melanoma Centers. Other states who have joined the fight against skin cancer with indoor tanning bans include: Louisiana, Minnesota, California, Nevada, Illinois, Texas, Vermont, Oregon, Washington, Connecticut and New Jersey.

The Food and Drug Administration has agreed to the dangers of artificial tanning beds. The agency has recently decided to change the label requirements for sunlamp products and ultraviolet lamps that are utilized in tanning salons. These devices are now considered moderate-risk as opposed to low-risk. They also must have a black box that states the products should not be used by anyone under the age of 18. This does not legislate that minors are unable to use these products, it is simply the FDA’s strongest warning to consumers.

The Foreman Foundation believes this is a great start to minimizing cases of melanoma. We hope to see more states jump on this important stance against artificial tanning in order to have an integral effect on skin cancer!

Please refer to CNN for more information regarding this reclassification.