“Foreman has always operated in the utmost professional manner, bringing to each project a high level of integrity. They have repeatedly impressed me with their ability to capture my vision for the projects we’ve worked on together. Foreman’s interaction with me has always been honest, respectful and insightful. There have been many times when I have made suggestions during the planning process of a project and they have always considered them. Foreman has always provided detailed information concerning these suggestions, including feedback, which has allowed me to make informed decisions. Our most recent project was United Plate Glass’ corporate headquarters. This was our fourth building project, and created unique challenges. As buildings today become more and more complex, this one was to serve as the “crown jewel” of all our facilities. It needed to convey our corporate identity. Foreman’s work was exceptionally thorough from start to finish. Their creativity during the design and layout portion of the project was essential in enabling us to achieve the “corporate office look” we were striving for.”

Michael W. Cully

President - United Plate Glass Company, Inc.

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