Hershey Medical Center Tour

PerFOREMANce Roofing Specialist Speaks at Chamber Meeting
September 9, 2015
Smile and Do Good for Melanoma Research
November 18, 2015

IMG_1098The Foreman Group was exhibiting at the recent PASA/PSBA Conference in Hershey, PA in October of this year. As the marketing manager, I was privileged to attend this and meet many new people and see old friends again. During a break in the action, I was invited to visit the Hershey Medical Center, Cancer Institute right across the street – the Center where the Foreman Foundation supports the research efforts of Dr. Gavin Robertson. Teah Batdorf of his office took time from her day to show me where the Foundation dollars go.Robertson_Lab_08-28-2015_78

IMG_1103Overlooking the scenic backdrop of Hershey, the Melanoma Center shares the third floor with other research facilities, a lovely sitting room, and state-of-the-art conference room. One door was marked with the placard recognizing the support of the Foundation. Inside were freezers preserving specimens at -80 degrees as well as the bustle of doctors, researchers, technicians, and support staff.

IMG_1104Before heading back to the Conference, I gratefully accepted a gift basket on behalf of the Foundation, as thanks for support for the Center’s Chocolate Tour. This race turned our $5,000 sponsorship into over $11,000 to support awareness and research aimed at abolishing melanoma.