Foreman Architects Engineers Chosen To Participate in Stuckeman School Career Day

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December 22, 2015
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August 29, 2016


Every spring, thousands of eager design professional undergraduate candidates flock to Penn State University’s Stuckeman School to participate in Career Day.  March 18th and 19th this year, the event promises to connect PSU’s award-winning talent with the choicest employers for networking, engagement, and discovery. The Foreman Group is very pleased to announce were were chosen to participate in this exciting event. According to Phillip Foreman, Owner and President, “This is something special. We are preparing diligently to bring this next generation of professionals in direct contact with what makes our company great – creativity, loyalty, versatility, and integrity. We look forward to meeting this exceptional group of young adults.”

Phillip and his marketing manager, Betsy Stubna, will be attending the event. Working as a team they will catch the broader talent pool with an interactive display about the company, as well as reach out more specifically through one-on-one meetings and presentation.

There will be a lunch for the leadership teams and an evening reception. Penn State will hand-pick resumes of appropriate candidates to be delivered to each chosen firm in advance, for optimum efficiency for both the professionals and the students.

The Stuckeman School is the frontrunner for preparing students – both on the graduate and undergraduate level – in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and graphic design.

The Foreman Group graciously acknowledges the hard work PSU’s Stuckeman School invests to make an event like this a spectacular success, and appreciates the opportunity to be a part of it.

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