St. Peter and Paul Church

Orientation of this meditation chapel was based on the sun’s position throughout different times of the season to reflect the rising and setting of the soul in its journey through life here on Earth. Each season’s beginning had its part. Praying is to be south-facing, towards the natural light source, while east and west are how the deceased are to be oriented during the ceremony prior to burial, at the request of the Bishop. Therefore, this project’s design incorporates both man-made purity and divine simplicity.


Diocese of Parma Ohio

1900 Carlton Road
Parma, OH 44134

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Our Task


New Construction: 660 SF

The new construction of the 40-seat meditation chapel included a high-vaulted red-oak plank ceiling, embellished with some of the finest iconography in the country. This embellishment took months to complete due to an ancient artistry technique that was utilized. The project was completed 15% under budget.

Services Used

Foreman Architects Engineers

  • Architectural Design
  • Construction Administration